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Willoughby Golf Club:

Willoughby is one of the old line golf clubs located in the heart of Stuart.  The Arthur Hills course is excellent and has just been re-grassed.  The Main Clubhouse has a new bar and is a large and impressive clubhouse — over 25,000 SF.  There are the tradtional amenities — Har-Tru tennis, swimming, et al; but Willoughby is defined by the clubhouse and the Arthur Hills layout.

There is an interesting assortment of living accomodations, ranging from small golf cottages to estate sized homes.  The Martin County MLS says that prices of homes are increasing.  The median sales price is $400K+ and the average is $470K, yielding $145/SF.   Back in Florida’s wild times in 2005 and 2006, averages home prices were over $550K selling prices at $170/SF.  The community has a $17K tax on each home sale.  HOA fees include a Social Membership at the club and are around $800/month.  The Joining Fees for the Golf Club Memberships are listed at $40K, though there are a number of other less expensive alternatives.  Your Golf Membership is $780/month in addition to the $800/month for HOA and Social dues.

The membership is an interesting mix of American Corporate and European.  The staff is excellent.  The overall rating for Willoughby is decidedly first-class.  For an ‘Inside Willoughby’ look, call +1.772.538.5400 or


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