Here Are ‘Inside Stuart’s Distressed Properties’:

The Tool Bar is on the right side and you can select the areas you want to view by moving the map around.  SmartMaps allow you to use the sliding bars to control search criteria — the number of bedrooms or bathrooms.  There are also options to ask the SmartMap to display schools, shopping, entertainment, medical services; in fact there are over 100 search criteria available to answer any questions you have.

Private (Not Public) Short-Sales:

Looking for the Best Distressed Opportunity?

PowRE has private short-sales in Florida.   These are short-sales open only to PowRE Approved Investors.  Contact PowRE at +1.772.538.5400 or

Short-Sales Increasing:

Banks now see the logic of doing Short-Sales versus Foreclosures!

In fact, some banks are even offering cash incentives to owners to short-sale theirhome.  National Assocciation of Realtors’s statistics indicate that banks can save 20% by executing a Short-Sale versus a Foreclosure.

House Have You Trapped4

By the way, in Florida, the average foreclosure has been taking 400+ days because banks have to go through a mandatory judicial process.  PowRE is executing Private Short Sales, that do not require the public harrassement of listing a Short-Sale on the MLS and inviting lots of tire-kickers through your front door.  The average process time is under two months.

Florida Risk:

Florida is a ‘Recourse State’ which means that after a foreclosure, a lender can pursue a borrower for all the money the bank deems they are owed — including the short-fall in the loan amount, interest, fees, penalties, lawyer costs, and the new kitchen sink.  So if you are deciding between a Foreclosure and a Short-Sale; STOP!  A properly executed Short-Sale will relieve you of all your obligations to the bank.

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