Inside The Gate

Hobe Sound Golf Club is a hidden gem, built around one of Joe Lee’s best tracks. The high-end homes are well-architected and constructed. The club is run in a first-class manner.  The gated and guarded campus is right on the main thoroghfare, Bridge Street in the center of Hobe Sound. Go East and you are on Jupiter Island (an area where homes sell for multiple times this community) on a perfect beach.  Go West and you are on Route 95 — 30 minutes to PBI and two hours to Orlando. 

The club is run like the really small, very private golf club it is.  There are no tee times.  Everyone knows everyone.  With a great track and a small number of wealthy members, Hobe Sound Golf is a special place.

Home prices are coming back after a challenging dip.  Year over year prices are up by a small amount, but up significantly over a few years ago — when the market froze.  Hobe Sound Golf, with some professional marketing, could become a major player in the private golf community market.

 HSG Clubhouse and Pond HSG Clubhouse Green Driving Range HSG Dog Leg Left Around Lake HSG Golf Hole Right to Left HSG Golf Hole w Traps HSG Green 3 Traps and Woods HSG Green 3 Traps Woods Large HSG Green Lake Left HSG Green Pond Homes HSG Green Top Right Long Fairway Shot HSG Green top right w Long Lake and Traps HSG Green Trapped Front and Back Large HSG Green Trapped Front and Back HSG Green Traps and Hedge HSG Green Traps Lake Right Large HSG Green Traps Lake Right HSG Green w Lake Around HSG Green w Tree Trap in Fairway HSG Green w Trees Around and Sand HSG Greens Lakes Homes HSG Homes Lake Golf Hole HSG Homes Overlooking Green w Lake Around HSG Multiple Holes